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We understand there is nothing more important to you than protecting the people you care for. Whether you need Life Insurance for your protection requirements or for savings, we offer you a comprehensive and competitive Life Insurance product range to suit your every need.

Why do I need Life Insurance?
We all have goals and ambitions for ourselves and our families for today, tomorrow and the future. These goals are dependent on our ability to continue to provide for increasing financial expenses. Our income is the backbone for the achievements of our goals and ambitions. In the event that our income stops, our goals and ambitions for ourselves and our families are in real jeopardy. Life Insurance is the only solution to achieve and protect these goals and ambitions.

Income stops in the occurrence of three distinct events; disability, retirement and premature death. The question in any of these events is:
  • 1.    Where will replacement income come from?
  • 2.    How will debts and liabilities be paid for?
  • 3.    What will happen to your standard of living?
  • 4.    What will happen to your goals and ambitions for yourself and your families?

Life insurance solutions will allow you to have a say in your life in the events of disability and retirement, and it allows your family to achieve the goals and ambitions, along with maintaining the standard of living you’ve always wanted for them.

Doesn’t it make sense that you take control of your own goals and ambitions for your family for today and the future rather than leave them at the mercy of relatives and friends, the government or even charities? You can take control of you and your family through Life Insurance solutions.
What is Life Insurance Savings?

We all have goals in life that we want to achieve. Setting goals motivates us. Once you know where you would like yourself and your family to be, it’s easy to draw the map to get there.

A Life Insurance savings plan will help you achieve your goals. Saving with a life Insurance Savings Plan will help you build the sum of money you need to reach your financial goals.

The Life Insurance part of the plan mitigates the risks that can stop you from achieving your goals and ambitions. These risks include your long term inability to work due to an illness or an accident or, premature death.

With all the risks covered, a Globalcapital Life insurance savings plan helps make your dreams and hopes come true.


Regular Savings Plan

Life Insurance Savings Plan

Policy held until Maturity

Savings + Accumulated Interest

Savings + Accumulated Interest

In the event of disability

The value in your account

Your savings plan can continue to maturity with GlobalCapital Life Insurance paying the contribute on your behalf OR
Your targeted savings can be paid in full on the event of your permanent disability

In the event of premature death

The value in your account

The full Saving Target can be paid OR a higher amount may be payable dependent upon the life insurance requested

You can protect your financial goals and the current lifestyle of you and your family by having the right financial safety net in place.

How does GlobalCapital help you when you save through a life insurance policy?

1.    We help you identify your financial goals
2.    We analyse the information given to us
3.    We report back the findings
4.    We recommend the best solution for you and your family
5.    We review your plan at least once a year
6.    We help turn your goals into reality.

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