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Life Insurance for your Protection

Planning today for your family's future will ensure that they are financially secure when you may not be there to take care of them.

Life Insurance For Your Savings & Investments

Life expectancy has increased and this means that you would need more money to sustain your lifestyle. You need to ask yourself whether your income when you retire will be sufficient to maintain the lifestyle you currently enjoy. This means that you should start planning for your savings as early as possible. We develop savings and investments solutions modelled around your individual needs and aimed at giving you the security in retirement which you desire.

Life Insurance Calculator

GlobalCapital Life Insurance Ltd. recommends 6 to 8 times your income for a married couple with children. While rules of thumb may be helpful, they do not take into consideration each individual's personal situation. This worksheet provides a quick and effective method to estimate the amount of life insurance needed for you.


Gross Income in Euro, before tax.
In Euro, suggested 70% of total income
Including dividends, interest, spouse's/partner's earnings (Social Security benefits may be available)
GlobalCapital Life Insurance Limited is authorised to transact Long Term Insurance Business and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.