The Global Capital 102 Plan is a single-premium Life Insurance policy. It provides you with the comfort of a lump sum at maturity. Whether you are saving for a specific milestone in your life, or for a peaceful and comfortable retirement, The GlobalCapital 102 Plan is the ideal plan.

For our clients, the great news is that at inception of the plan we immediately credit your account with 102% of your premium. There are no initial fees or initial charges on your plan. So, for example, if you invest €25,000 we open your policy account at a value of €25,500. That is an additional €500 for you from day one.

As a further benefit, the GlobalCapital 102 Plan will pay an extra guaranteed amount upon the death of the life assured prior to maturity of the policy. This ranges between €1000 and €3000 dependent upon the initial premium paid.

This plan is designed to provide a steady and prudent return on your money. The objective of The GlobalCapital 102 Plan is to increase the capital value of the policy account as the years go by.

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