The GlobalCapital Assured Savings Plan is a regular-premium interest-sensitive life insurance policy specifically designed to provide a lump sum of money upon maturity of the plan.

It is the perfect savings vehicle for those people who like the security of a life insurance policy which steadily builds up the capital value of its policy account over the years. Increases to the policy account are guaranteed once they have been credited to it, as long as the policy is not surrendered during the policy period.

A sum insured consisting of the annual premium multiplied by the number of policy years is automatically incorporated in the plan. This means that the policy provides substantial financial protection (life insurance) for named beneficiaries.  For example, someone paying €2,500 in annual premium for 20 years has the added benefit of €50,000 life insurance payable on their death, from day one. 

Should you die prior to the maturity of the plan, leaving a lump sum to your loved ones ensures they will have enough money to enjoy the lifestyle you had always planned for them. 

The GlobalCapital Assured Savings Plan, the ideal way to protect your future.

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