Most individuals live 20 years on a pension, will yours be enough? With the average monthly wage at €1,612, the average public pension amounts to just €750 per month.


By investing in GlobalCapital’s PENSION Plus, gradually securing peace of mind for your later years is only one of the benefits.


Other benefits include:

  1. Peace of mind for future finances
  2. Annual tax credits
  3. 30% tax-free lump sum at retirement
  4. Investment managed by professionals
  5. Protection in case of death
  6. Flexibility in investment contributions
  7. Fund switch options


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PENSION Plus - Unit Linked Strategies

Retirement Calculator

info *dd/mm/year
info *The average retirement age is 65.
info *This figure refers to the amount you would like to save on a monthly basis for your private pension. You can try out different scenarios if you have a certain pay-out amount in mind.


Public Pension
info Your public pension is calculated at 2/3 of your current NET monthly wage and is capped at €1,300 per month.
Gap To Fill
info This is the difference between your current wage and public pension.
Policy Account Value at Retirement


Tax credit / year
info The amount of tax credits you will receive from the Government.
Total tax credits
info The total amount of tax credits that you will receive, after contributing to your pension plan for the full term.
Tax Free Lump Sum
info You can opt to receive 30% of the policy account value at retirement as a lump sum payment.
Monthly Installments
info This is your monthly private pension that you will receive for 17 years, should you opt for the tax free lump sum at retirement.

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