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Life insurance and investment for your Retirement


Did you know that since the 1960’s life expectancy has increased by around 10 years? This has added 10 years of retirement to the average person’s life. Here at GlobalCapital, we believe that there is no time like the present to invest in the comfort of your future.


By putting an amount into your pension plan each month from your monthly earnings, you can gradually build up a private pension pot to secure a more comfortable financial future upon retirement. The earlier you start saving, the bigger your private pension pot will be. 


Investing in a pension plan with GlobalCapital guarantees flexibility, annual tax credits and confidence in investments managed by experts.


Ready to get started? Read more about GlobalCapital’s investment plans:

The GlobalCapital PENSION Plus

Most individuals live 20 years on a pension, will yours be enough? With the average monthly wage at €1,612, the average public pension amounts to just €750 per month (based on the latest Eurostat statistics, subject to change in the future).

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