Your employees will thank you today, and tomorrow. By offering GlobalCapital’s PENSION Pro plan as part of an employment contract, you can stand out from the crowd, as a recruiter that values their employees as individuals. 


Offering PENSION Pro as an employer not only reaps benefits for employees, but also for the company itself.



Company benefits include:

  1. Increased employee motivation
  2. Employee financial protection
  3. High retention rate of staff
  4. Attraction of valuable professionals
  5. Employee performance and loyalty reward tools
  6. Premium values as company expenses
  7. Annual tax credits



Employee benefits include:

  1. Peace of mind for future finances
  2. Annual tax credits
  3. 30% tax free lump sum at retirement
  4. Investment managed by professionals
  5. Protection in case of death
  6. Flexibility in investment contributions
  7. Fund switch options


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PENSION Pro - Unit Linked Strategies

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