How can a Real Life policy by GlobalCapital Life Insurance Ltd help me and my family?

Real life takes us through a series of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, unexpected windfalls and sudden expenses. What if a life-long insurance policy could match the wonderfully varied path that our life really takes?
And what if the same plan paid an amount to your family in the unfortunate event of your inability to work?

GlobalCapital Real Life

Real Life is a whole of life policy that is unit-linked based on your preferences, investment goals and risk tolerance.

In brief, this means that you choose the funds you want to invest in.

As a plan with a choice of death benefit, you even get to choose what type of payment will be paid to your chosen beneficiary.

The flexibility of this policy is unmatched. If you’d like to switch funds, you may do so for free at any point, up to eight times a year. Just like the rest of your life, you’re in control.

With Real Life, flexibility comes as standard.

If you want even more choice, there are a number of additional benefits you might want to consider.

  • Accidental Death Benefit
    In the case of accidental physical injury that leads to death within 90 days, the sum insured of the accidental death benefit will be paid to your chosen beneficiary.
  • Critical Illness
    In the event of critical illness* the sum insured will be paid to your chosen beneficiary.
    *Critical illness is defined as one of seven specific illnesses: heart attack, coronary artery disease surgery, cancer, stroke, kidney failure, paraplegia and paralysis, and major organ transplant.
  • Permanent & Total Disability
    In the event of Permanent and Total Disability* you will receive the sum insured of this additional benefit.
  • Waiver of Premium
    Should you suffer from Permanent and Total Disability*, you will not have to pay any more premiums.

*This means physical disablement as a result of an accident or sickness that entirely prevents life insured from attending to or performing his/her usual business or occupation, or any other occupation for which the life insured is suited by means of training or experience. This must last 12 calendar months and at the expiry of the said period, the Life Insured is beyond hope of improvement.



Real Life Fund Prices

Name Link Code Ticker ISIN
Invesco Euro Corporate Bond Fund gc link-icon 201 INVECBA LX EQUITY LU0243957825
BlackRock Euro Corporate Bond Fund gc link-icon 202 MLCORA2 LX EQUITY LU0162658883
Invesco Global High Income Fund gc link-icon 301 IVHAEHA LX EQUITY LU1775967950
BlackRock Global High Yield Bond Fund gc link-icon 401 MEREHYI LX EQUITY LU0093504206
Aberdeen Select Euro High Yield Bond Fund gc link-icon 402 ABEEHYA LX EQUITY LU0119176310
BlackRock Continental European Flexible Fund gc link-icon 501 MIGOEAE LX EQUITY LU0224105477
BlackRock European Equity Income Fund gc link-icon 502 BGFEEA2 LX EQUITY LU0562822386
BlackRock Global Dynamic Equity Fund gc link-icon 503 MERGDHA LX EQUITY LU0238690555
BlackRock US Growth Fund gc link-icon 504 MEREQAA LX EQUITY LU0171298135
Aberdeen European Equity Fund gc link-icon 505 ABEEMAA LX EQUITY LU0094541447
Aberdeen European Equity Income Fund gc link-icon 506 ADEURA2 LX EQUITY LU0505661966
BlackRock Emerging Markets Fund gc link-icon 601 MIGSEII LX EQUITY LU0171275786
BlackRock Global SmallCap Fund gc link-icon 602 MERGSMA LX EQUITY LU0171288334
BlackRock World Energy Fund gc link-icon 603 MERWEUA LX EQUITY LU0326422176
BlackRock World Technology Fund gc link-icon 604 MWOTEEA LX EQUITY LU0171310443
BlackRock World Gold Fund gc link-icon 605 MIWGDUA LX EQUITY LU0326422689
BlackRock World Mining Fund gc link-icon 606 MIGWMHA LX EQUITY LU0326424115
Aberdeen Emerging Market Equity Fund gc link-icon 607 ABEFRE2 LX EQUITY LU0498181733

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