The GlobalCapital Wealth Saver Savings Plan is a regular premium unit linked life insurance Policy specifically designed to provide you with a capital sum of money on the maturity of the plan. Money you can use to help with your financial aims and objectives.

A big advantage with the GlobalCapital Wealth Saver is you can match our Managed Strategies to your investment profile and investment strategy. You can pick a Managed Strategy or a range of Managed Strategies that match your personal risk appetite. 

Also, if your attitude to risk changes, the GlobalCapital Wealth Saver allows you the flexibility to switch between funds to reflect that change. 

The Managed Strategies are managed by investment professionals with many years of experience and a track record of providing both value and investment growth.

The GlobalCapital Wealth Saver is designed to give you flexibility in Managed Strategy choice and to provide you with the opportunity to grow capital value with a regular premium savings plan. Our charges to manage your money are attractive and transparent. You have the added benefit that you can increase your contribution or add lump sums at any time to grow your savings.

In short, The GlobalCapital Wealth Saver is the ideal plan to grow your savings over the longer term.

Wealth Saver Unit Linked Strategies

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