Life is a gift… A GlobalCapital initiative to promote life and health insurance

21 June 2018

The importance of having life and health insurance cover in case of death or illness is often underestimated. Too many individuals mistakenly perceive insurance as one of a series of mandatory obligations to obtain a bank’s approval for financing.

It is worth considering the other side of the coin. Fact: insurance goes beyond fulfilling mandatory bank requirements.

A life insurance policy should be considered as the underlying platform of every person’s personal financial planning. It is a tool that provides the necessary protection at any stage in life. Likewise, health insurance cover provides the necessary assurances that illness will not necessarily cripple a person’s financial stability.

Most importantly, life and health insurance policies provide peace of mind in knowing that should the worst happen, policyholders and immediate family members will be protected.

GlobalCapital is running a limited time offer whereby all customers purchasing a new life or health insurance policy before the end of the year will be entitled to receive 1 of 500 free gifts that are up for grabs, including MacBook Airs, iPhone 6s, iPad Minis, first aid kits, piggy banks, portable breathalysers and more.

“From healthcare cover to overall wellbeing and lifestyle protection, our clients rely on us for peace of mind that if and when something goes wrong in their lives, as insurance providers we will be their strongest shoulder at the toughest of times.  We are focused on enabling our customers to live with peace of mind, based on the mutual trust that exists between us” said Reuben Zammit, CEO at GlobalCapital plc.

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